The Story


TITO’S DEAD is the name of my new, crime mystery, fiction novel.
Bernard Nolan runs an Irish pub in Sarajevo. He also happens to be an undercover cop for Europol, but that’s his secret.
Life’s not bad until a corpse called Tito turns up with a crumpled postcard in his pocket of a Dublin pub, signed by The Pigeon, the most notorious crime boss in the city.
Ordered back to Dublin, accompanied by the ambitious Sergeant Orla Farrell and young Bosnian detective, Ivan Toscic, Nolan is caught in a tangled web of deception, treachery and danger.
They soon find themselves plunged into the dark underworld of Dublin’s nightlife and the vicious killers who inhabit it.
Furthermore, as the investigation progresses, it becomes clear someone (or everyone) is playing a double game. Who is the real enemy? The Pigeon, or someone closer to home?
Trust no one…


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2 thoughts on “The Story

  1. Thank you, Vivian. Writing a book is about as close a man gets to giving birth – a cheap and inadequate substitute but painful, nonetheless. If you ever read it, you will join a very select group. It will never stop me writing, though. Thank you for your comment and your interest.

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