Cutthroats and Murderers

Place names can be endlessly fascinating, particular for the insight they give you to where you live and its history. Happily, the district I live in is the oldest part of the city of Dublin, called The Liberties and it's packed full of evocative names like Marrowbone Lane, Winetavern Street and Fishamble Street, to name…Read more Cutthroats and Murderers

The Deal – #4 in the Taking Liberties Project

The Deal By a busy city street three men in a lane, between the Middle East store and Vicar St, bent in business, oblivious to the hub-bub, rush hour people, going home, intent on the share, the deal of their lives, this minute. Few words, hungry eyes, gaunt and haunted, slaves of the powder that…Read more The Deal – #4 in the Taking Liberties Project

Libertie’s, a poem

I live in The Liberties, one of the oldest parts of the city of Dublin, the outer suburb of the medieval walled city where the native Irish lived to trade with and serve the city's Norman rulers. It is an area rich with history and a strong sense of community. The Bells of St Patrick's is…Read more Libertie’s, a poem

The Bells of St Patrick’s

The bells, the bells, not Quasimodo’s old Dame, St Patrick’s on a Sunday morning, the bell ringers gather,  to chime and clang, layer upon layer, a resounding Dublin breakfast for a city waking to repent the night’s excesses. What joy, what horror, shut the bleeding window, have they no respect for the self afflicted? Bellicose…Read more The Bells of St Patrick’s

ORGANIC, story of a fire

It's strange how the mind works and the associations made in a creative burst. I was doing my weekly shopping in an organic market in The Liberties on a square called Newmarket where a new distillery was being constructed. The previous evening I had sampled a new drink called 'Flaming Pig' which celebrated the Dublin…Read more ORGANIC, story of a fire

Whiskey Fire in The Liberties

Day 17 of the Everyday Inspiration course by Blogging University requires that I use 'A Map as my Muse', so I've chosen to repost, here a poem I wrote about a fire that occurred in the district where I live in The Liberties, Dublin. The Whiskey Fire occurred when a fire in a bonded warehouse…Read more Whiskey Fire in The Liberties

The Tower in my Back Yard I live in the grounds of an old church, St Nicholas of Myra, in The Liberties in Dublin. It dates back to the late 18th century. This is the view out my window, morning or night. I live inside that tower, looking out. I've screamed, shouted, waved and banged my head against the copper…Read more The Tower in my Back Yard