Starman: Life on Trappist1

Here it is, Starman: Life on Trappist1, the complete story, so far. Please comment, as I'm looking for feedback on this. Science fiction is a new departure for me and, while I'm enjoying it, like all writers, I'm anxious to know if anyone else is, too. Abraham looks up at the sky. The second moon…Read more Starman: Life on Trappist1

Starman Science

Writing a science fiction story... involves imagining something you cannot possibly experience but facilitating the reader's ability to suspend their belief and take the journey with you. Science fiction is a genre I have read but not on a scale that could put me in a room for a discussion with a devoted Trekkie, for…Read more Starman Science

Short Story Reading: STARMAN – LIFE ON TRAPPISTONE by Dermott Hayes

This is the first of the ten Starman episodes (completed and posted today), being read in the Novel Writing Festival, Toronto












Novel Writing Festival

Watch the July 2016 Winning Short Screenplay Reading.

Story performed by actor Julian Ford


Get to know the winning writer:

1. What is your Short Story about?

Suppose a person from another planet discovered they were from Earth, that their planet was colonized by aliens? And discovering this, how would it reflect on the world in which they lived? Does history repeat itself and are we always destined to repeat our mistakes

2. What genres would you say this short story is in?

Science fiction, mystery, a moral tale

3. How would you describe this story in two words?

Begin Again

4. What movie have you seen the most in your life?

High Noon

5. How long have you been working on this story?

1 day, for this story and 10 weeks, since, 9 new episodes.

6. Do you have an all-time favorite…

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Starman: Life on Trappist1, Faith The truckBot doesn’t linger after dropping Abraham back to his CraterProx dwelling. Abraham doesn’t hang about, either, to watch him go. Mindful of Aladdin Sane’s warnings regarding psychImp and QuantumBot’s capability to monitor his input to GrUnCo, he quickly gathers what he needs - a supply of solid and liquid ingestions, survival garments -…Read more Starman: Life on Trappist1, Faith

Starman: Life on TrappistOne: The Origins

Trappist-1 is the name of an ultra-cool dwarf star, near the sun and discovered recently by astronomers working in a giant telescope in Chile. Three planets orbit this dwarf star, which are 40 light years away. Now scientists want to discover if these planets could sustain human life.

Starman: Life on TrappistOne #7 Rebirth Are these the ‘golden ones’? Abraham wonders. Surely not, but then, what should he expect? He doesn’t know, that’s the simple answer to that. He has no points of reference or memory that can answer the half formulated questions now crowding his brain. Without noticing, Aladdin Sane is standing by his side. He can…Read more Starman: Life on TrappistOne #7 Rebirth

Starman:Life on TrappistOne#6 Adventure CATCH UP TRAP1        TRAP2      TRAP3       TRAP4        TRAP5        Abraham can't see. He can hear the voice that welcomes him but the searing heat and illumination from the lights make it impossible for him to look at them. He holds both arms up, against his face, to shield…Read more Starman:Life on TrappistOne#6 Adventure

Starman: Life on TrappistOne #5, Inspiration

CATCH UP TRAP1        TRAP2      TRAP3       TRAP4          This was no longer 'a God awful small affair,' whatever that meant, Abraham thought, as the truckBot, piloted by the silent, somber postBot, sped through the darkened streets of TrapCity. His mind raced to catch up, searching for the purpose of…Read more Starman: Life on TrappistOne #5, Inspiration