The Bells of St Patrick’s

The bells, the bells, not Quasimodo’s old Dame, St Patrick’s on a Sunday morning, the bell ringers gather,  to chime and clang, layer upon layer, a resounding Dublin breakfast for a city waking to repent the night’s excesses. What joy, what horror, shut the bleeding window, have they no respect for the self afflicted? Bellicose…Read more The Bells of St Patrick’s

The bells, the bells…my bowels

The bell ringers of St Patrick's Cathedral are working overtime, this morning. One solid hour of teeth rattling, clanging, from the 12th century cathedral, 150 yards from where I live, has risen me, like Lazurus. They finished with a five minute, orchestral and climactic frenzy, that has loosened my bowels and heaven knows, what else.I…Read more The bells, the bells…my bowels