Social Fretwork

Last month, my poem Social Fretwork got chosen as one of the top poems of the September Wildsound Poetry festival in Toronto ( but I was less than happy with the resulting recording of the poem. So I recorded my own version. Incidentally, you will notice the link above, to the Poetry Festival, says 'social-fretwork-poetry-reading-by-dermott-hayes'…Read more Social Fretwork

Loneliness will be the next great moneyspinner – The Guardian

People walking is just the first signs of a growing social illness, loneliness, a topic I've touched on with my poem, Social Fretwork. Emily White Isolation among young people is increasing, spawning a new industry in companionship. Soon paying for walks, dinners and dates will feel normal Recent research suggests 18- to 34-year-olds are more…Read more Loneliness will be the next great moneyspinner – The Guardian

Walking the Human

In the paradox of social networks, the more cyber friends we make, the less social we become is apt and what seems novel now - human walking services - will be normal tomorrow. The Wildsound Poetry festival will post a performance of my poem, Social Fretwork ,soon, please look out for it and give me…Read more Walking the Human