Hypo, no typo

‘he woke in the dark, smelly confines of a car boot with a splitting headache and the realization that holding onto a coherent thought had become as tricky as picking up raindrops from a petal.’


Hypoglycemia occurs when your blood sugar gets too low. For a diabetic, it’s called diabetic shock and it’s no joke, if you’ve ever experienced it. As someone with hemochromatosis that has caused diabetes, I’ve been in that battle ground on several occasions. Two years ago, I published a crime novel, Tito’s Dead. One of the characters is a diabetic journalist who gets kidnapped by a gangster anxious to elicit some information from him. The character’s name is Garvan Deare and this is his experience.IMG_3813
Heels pulled into the wire and concrete fenced yard of the disused dockland warehouse, flush with confidence. As he swung the sleek Mercedes into a corner parking spot, he ran through his triumphant arrival in his mind’s eye.
He’d give it loads of ‘it’s-all-in-a-night’s-work, boss’ as he dropped his human booty at the feet of Joe Connolly. He couldn’t suppress the strut as he sprang from…

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Amazing Grace

The death of former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds recalls to mind the many times I encountered him over the years. He was a gentleman and a fair minded person but one occasion, in particular, stands out for me. It was Christmas, 1999 and I'd been invited to a small gathering in the Reynolds' family home on…Read more Amazing Grace

Who’s the Boss?

I've been listening to I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss by Sinead O'Connor before I'm overwhelmed by comments and misguided reviews. Of those, I've read a few. Some spoke of a new maturity while others toyed with the notion of Sinead, the auteur, creating 'characters' with and about whom she can spin tales of forlorn…Read more Who’s the Boss?

The Rigours of Writing…

Writing is about communicating, but what you wish to communicate, will determine how it's written. For example, if you're a historian, writing a history of World War One, you won't start with a blow by blow account of the violent  death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo. No, you're more likely…Read more The Rigours of Writing…

Publishing is painful

Writing your first book is an apprenticeship and there are plenty of 'long stands'. I've written three books and, although TITO'S DEAD is the third, in my mind, it's my first. The 'first' was Sinead O'Connor, So Different, an unauthorised biography of the frequently celebrated, never celebrity and often castigated Irish singer. I remember saying…Read more Publishing is painful