Now Imagine They’re Syrian

First, let me beg your indulgence. Let me recall the words of Matthew McConaughey as public defender, Jake Brigance in the 1996 movie, A Time to Kill, when, defending Samuel Jackson, the vengeful father in his murder trial, he said, 'now imagine she's white.' Irish people felt that about British justice in the past and,…Read more Now Imagine They’re Syrian


A mystery in six parts,  Framed She was the PTA mom everyone knew. Who would want to harm her? By Christopher Goffard | Aug. 28, 2016 (Pictometry / Los Angeles Times) Framed: Chapter 1 By Christopher Goffard The cop wanted her car keys. Kelli Peters handed them over. She told herself she had nothing to…Read more FRAMED – LA Times

The father of children — Ordinary Handsome

The move to Wishing was the best thing. Frank Cobin wasn’t a big shot in town anymore, engorged with bravado and insolence. He was the stranger in town, and had no favor with the thin-faced men: the corner-men, the hustlers, the scammers, the casually dangerous. The move to Wishing was the worst thing. Marooned from […]…Read more The father of children — Ordinary Handsome