Silver Mint

It was around noon of a sultry, overcast day. Martin Mint wasn’t sure what he’d do with the rest of it. Pausing, he wondered what he did with it so far. He got up too early, he knew, but even with one thin sheet and his bedroom windows open, sleep was impossible. It wasn’t always…Read more Silver Mint


  He was tired of the repetition, the daily slog, the inevitability of it all. Even when something different happened - a change in the weather, a new person in the neighbourhood, even a sudden and common threat. It didn't matter because he knew already, none of it's real, it's all imaginary.

Fit to Live

Philosophy What If Evolution Bred Reality Out Of Us? September 6, 20166:24 AM ET Commentary Adam Frank Getty Images Look around you. What do you see? Other people going about their business? Rooms with tables and chairs? Nature with its sky, grass and trees? All that stuff, it's really there, right? Even if you were…Read more Fit to Live