Music and Soft Shoe were sneaking backstage at the circus.  Soft Shoe notices Music's  gone. 'Music?' he whispers, 'Music?' 'Hey, Shoe? C'mere.' Music's standing in a cage. Soft Shoe sees Music lose his head to two lions. "Music has charms to TAME the savage breast," I told him, "not claim."  

Sgt. Pepper’s, revisited.

Everyone's life has milestones like the birth of a child or the death of a parent. These are personal but there are others that resonate through everyone's life, to one extent or another. Mine include the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club…Read more Sgt. Pepper’s, revisited.

Trumpet’s Downfall, part 5

This the final instalment of The Rise & Fall of Donald Trumpet Esq. I hope you've enjoyed it.Critiques and comments welcomed. Trumpet set Phibbs to examining the legality of the charges and what his potential liability might amount to while he marched to the door of Mademoiselle Fifi Fontaine. It was Mrs Mayfly who greeted…Read more Trumpet’s Downfall, part 5

Wedding in the Wesht

At the beginning of the month of June I had the supreme pleasure of visiting the west of Ireland for the wedding of my old friend and colleague, Jimmy Molloy to the fun and beautiful, Denise Jeffers. And what a wedding it was, with multi-Grammy award winning The Chieftains, providing the music, drinks and music…Read more Wedding in the Wesht

Everything I want to hear, sample

My own personal experience with music began when I saw the Beatles on Top of the Pops in the early '60s on BBC. Everyone watched this show. It ran through the top 20. It was like a religious service. Every week we watched The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Faces, Freddie and Dreamers, The Dave Clark Five, Roy Orbison, PJ Proby, The Merseybeats, The Hollies, The Who, The Move, I remember them all.

History Lesson©

My father, Martin Hayes or Michael M. O'hAodha, as he signed himself, died on December 14, 2015. He was a traditional Republican, of  older west of Ireland farming stock, classically educated, who could roll to bed with a Latin phrase and rise, with a verse of Greek, gave much of his life, willingly, in the…Read more History Lesson©