Queenies and smoked bacon

Last night, I boiled an egg

I love this dish. It’s lazy, tasty and healthy with a good dose of naughty, too. It’s the kind of dish I’ll throw together on an impulse so long as the ingredients are available and the sun is shining. Queen scallops are a medium sized scallop, about as big as a button. In the Isle of Man, ‘queenies’ are served with pride as they are the local dish of choice.

Around this time of the year, queenies become widely available. I bought ten of these little beauties for €2 today and at those prices, I couldn’t resist. Mind you, there’s just enough in ten for one person. For a dinner party, I’d buy 50.

The first thing I did to put my super delicious lunch together was to build myself a Grteek salad with some fresh chard and little gem lettuce from my garden, then some thinly sliced red onion…

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