Indelible Echoes Indelible Echoes A harbour breeze, a mountain spring, rain, the scent of heather, a hazel copse, freshly cut turf, crickets in the thatch, laughing spuds, sizzling mackerel and periwinkles, sand in your toes and the salty brine of seaweed, a sunburst of glorious colour in my mind. Indelible echoes of a life tread…Read more Indelible Echoes

Into the West, a weekend

  Now with the springtime the days will grow longer and after St Bride’s day My sail I’ll let go I put my mind to it And I never will linger Till I find myself back in the County Mayo Frank O'Connor, a great Irish prose writer, translated this poem of Gaelic poet, Antoine O'Raifteiri,…Read more Into the West, a weekend

Do you want to see paradise?

'Do you want to see Paradise?' she asked me. What could I say, but, of course. Getting away for a few days, out of the daily routine, sunshine in my face, sand in my toes, the smell of the ocean and mountain heather and an Irish wedding in the west of Ireland, it was an…Read more Do you want to see paradise?

5 times, in 5 minutes

When I wrote, 'the weather can change five times, in five minutes' in Mayo (, I wasn't joking, as you'll see from this sequence of shots, taken, one bright, sunny, no ,cloudy, no, misty, it's going to rain, rain? those are feckin' hailstones, day on Blacksod Bay, north County Mayo. Run

Still water #write photo   When you're used to cityscapes as the background to your visual reality, a jaunt in the countryside is always welcome, for a new perspective. It restores your balance, if you like. I'm returning to County Mayo next week and really looking forward to it. The weather can change five times in five minutes…Read more Still water #write photo