He couldn't resist a person wearing a hat. He followed them, imagined himself speaking to them, opening doors, ordering food, buying them gifts, sharing jokes and telling secrets. Then he killed them, wore their hat. That's how he got caught, the yellow bowler was too obvious. Obsession? He preferred penchant.

The Hat I began wearing my hat when I got a job as social diarist for an Irish evening newspaper, The Evening Herald. It was called Dubliner's Diary, then but it soon became known as The Hat. It was an easy way to be recognized, get in the door and get my story. The main picture…Read more The Hat

Hat’s Entertainment

Does anyone know about men's hats, anymore? Back in the day, buying a hat was easy. I started wearing my hat, a grey, snap brim trilby, in 1995. I remember the day and the circumstances. The editor of the Evening Herald called and confirmed my appointment as the paper's diarist, writing a daily column about…Read more Hat’s Entertainment