Chapter 6 | Read it from the beginning By Christopher Goffard The courtroom where Kent Easter pleaded for mercy from an Orange County jury weighing his financial fate. (Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times)A tall, lanky man sat alone on a bench outside Courtroom 62. He was absorbed in the yellow legal pad balanced on…Read more FRAMED: Ch. 6



Headline photo credit: Kent Easter, at a hearing in Orange County Superior Court, faced professional ruin after he was charged with planting drugs in a school volunteer’s car. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times) Chapter 5 | Read it from the beginning By Christopher Goffard     It was my wife, Kent Easter told jurors.…Read more FRAMED, Ch. 5

FRAMED – Ch. 4

Chapter 4 | Read it from the beginning By Christopher Goffard The Orange County D.A.’s Special Prosecutions unit dealt with crimes of particular sensitivity — high-profile cases involving doctors and cops, lawyers and politicians. Christopher Duff, a career prosecutor in his early 40s, joined the team in the spring of 2012. Among the files that landed…Read more FRAMED – Ch. 4

FRAMED, ch 3

Chapter 3 | Read it from the beginning By Christopher Goffard Jill Easter wasn’t talking. She bounced a basketball in the driveway with her 3-year-old daughter as Irvine police moved methodically through her house, snapping photos and jotting notes. In her fiction, Jill Easter explored the psychology of revenge. (KTLA)Inside, detectives found what seemed the…Read more FRAMED, ch 3


A mystery in six parts,  Framed She was the PTA mom everyone knew. Who would want to harm her? By Christopher Goffard | Aug. 28, 2016 (Pictometry / Los Angeles Times) Framed: Chapter 1 By Christopher Goffard The cop wanted her car keys. Kelli Peters handed them over. She told herself she had nothing to…Read more FRAMED – LA Times