It's always a good thing to change what you're doing every now and then and try something different. So, if you're going to write 50 word stories in response to the daily post prompt, try something new. How about a story about Donald Trump as a Dickensian character? It's a test.  


  The Black Knight is not a quitter. It says so on his family coat of arms, 'Never Give Up' it says, in Latin, 'NUNQUAM CEDE' and he is damned if he is going to let the side down. It is true, he's legless and armless, but finished?  He disagrees.


  Should I stay or should I go? Max is humming The Clash song, windows shatter and doors pop off their hinges,  as the house collapses around him, but he can't resist delighting in the plight of his neighbour with whom life is a constant competition. This is  a real dilemma.


  She crawls in through the bathroom window, her parkour skills are finely honed. All she has to do is slip out of her jumpsuit into her cocktail dress and she's ready to party. 'Hey, babe, fancy threads. You look like a spy.' Oh, shit, she thinks, my date, 'Let's pretend.'


  She was sitting on the train when she heard it, the 6.30 bonecrusher, sardines with slippy hands and leaking earphones right in her face, that tune. Now she couldn't get rid of it, like she'd stepped in dogshit before standing in an elevator. She wanted to scream, what's its name? Panic.


  I've been here all day, for whatever's sake, I wasn't willing to say because then it would be taking sides and then how much business would I lose? No, better stay in the middle ground, do what I  do, even if prices are higher. Who ever heard of being generous?