About Time to Die

when I die Don’t bury me To rot and mould In history’s demise No, wrap me in A blazing pyre To spark and fire With fury, burning Outrage at the tides A’turning Fools’ churning, Hate, unwarranted Rivalries taunted Fools undaunted Dick size threats Unleashed, Truth diminished Into tweets or sound bites, Don’t ask me To…Read more About Time to Die


  Cloaked in silence, enveloped by a cloying gloom, Death stood in the Great Hall's cavernous doorway, waiting. For what or for whom, he wasn't quite sure? In fact, death's whole day had been one catastrophe after another, the chemical plant's toxic spill, the motorway pile-up and now a mystery corpse.

Nuts & Bolts

Fed up with your body? Forget about changing, just trade it in. Upgrade to a better model with guaranteed durability. Feeling stupid? Upload your mind to a machine and avail of our special AI introductory offer. These could be the commercials of the not so distant future but there will be planned obsolescence, faulty fixtures…Read more Nuts & Bolts

Dancing in the Moonlight

Dancing in the moonlight, the moon, her partner and stars, the twinkling audience. She spins and twirls to the sound of winds, heart racing, to freedom's adventure. yes, tonight she dances, beyond the grasp of captors and far beyond the sight of those who dare not dream. Tonight she dances free, to walk in fields…Read more Dancing in the Moonlight


Richard M. Ankers, author of The Eternals, wrote something this morning. He said he trusted me, words he may live to regret. Richard's blog writings, brilliance in brevity, have inspired me to write stories in 50 words. None more so than Un-conjoined and free, published yesterday. So much so, after an exchange of comments, we…Read more TRIPLE TRAGEDY, BLOGRIEF

Touching death

It was Benjamin Franklin who coined the phrase, In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. Since the Panama Papers, taxes are no longer a sure fire thing. So that leaves us with death, as fascinating to the young, as it is the terror of age. I remember the…Read more Touching death