via Daily Prompt: Notorious It was exciting to be there at the Paris Omnisport in Bercy. Even getting there was fun, the five of us, arriving late, checking in before taking the Metro because it was rush hour and we were late already. 'Five tickets for Bercy,' our guide asked, in English. The ticket attendant…Read more NOTORIOUS

PANICKED – Daily Post Prompt

  Harold was in trouble, his comrades' plan for a masterful victory stroke was in tatters. He was impulsive so when they put him in a room with a Big Red Button that said 'DO NOT PRESS' in block capital print and asked him to wait, well, he didn't, he panicked.


  Having spent two months grafting under this chef's brutal regime , Gordon has no room for compassion and is deaf to the pleas of this popinjay now trussed up on a hook in the freezer. 'I'll freeze to death in here,' he cries. 'No, you won't,' Gordon smiles, 'You will fry.'

Devastation Are we a God fearing people, ruled by the word of God? Such wanton and malicious destruction should make us question our own convictions. But the people believe in the word of God and the bible, where it was written, 'an eye for an eye', so devastation for destruction. Simples.


  Ok, here's how we drain the swamp. First, whatever we say or do is how it should be done. Second, consultants and advisors are NOT lobbyists, so change your 'role', not your address. Third, if we do wrong, we're still right and if we're caught, well, it's just an oversight.