Knives Are Out – no backstreet brawl

Not content to even let Labour’s party conference pass before restarting their smear campaigns, the anti-Corbyn faction are already at work. The latest manifestation is a revival of the slander of shadow chancellor John McDonnell, claiming he stated that odious ex-Tory Wirral MP Esther McVey should be lynched. This is ‘old news‘ from 2014 and […]…Read more Knives Are Out – no backstreet brawl

Figure Fiddling, while Britain Burns

This morning I had the privilege to be at the special conference for the announcement of the result of the leadership contest between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith. As you will know by now, the result was emphatic, with Corbyn gaining a decisive 61.8% share (313,209/506,438/654,006) of the votes in spite of the efforts to […]…Read more Figure Fiddling, while Britain Burns