Signs of the Time #12

Random Signs Week...just a collection of signs I've picked up, with my trusty iPhone 6 to hand and some I've borrowed from other, well tuned, observers. A cobble stoned lane in Dublin's city centre, imagine the calls home, 'something's come up' or 'I'm tied up.' And then, inside a church on the west Amazing…Read more Signs of the Time #12

Poem for Christmas© by Dermott Hayes

  I wandered, lonely, in a crowd, Amid bells of Christmas cheer, the hurried glug of festive beer. Suburban commuters hustling home, minds crammed with lists and bills, beggars’ eyes, homeless spirits, freezing, pleading, ‘see me'. A touch, a bump, a smile, a ‘sorry’, carol singers deck the halls with holly. In this breakneck world…Read more Poem for Christmas© by Dermott Hayes