Slan leat, Padraig

Padraig Duggan, the musical director of 1916, Souls of Freedom, died this morning. Padraig's contribution to this production went far beyond the incredible music and the song, Éist, that he gave us. He contributed his enthusiasm, his experience and his broad knowledge but, above all, he gave us his spirit, in his music, yes, but…Read more Slan leat, Padraig

Signs Of The Time challenge

Yup, it's that time again, the second week of my Signs of the Time challenge and so far the response has been dismal. Never mind, that won't stop me. Take a look around you, see the signs and ping them back to me or leave them in the comments.... One hundred years ago, during the…Read more Signs Of The Time challenge

1916, Souls of Freedom

2016 is the centenary of an event in Irish history that set the template for a nation. On April 24, 1916 a handful of men and women, led by a motley group of poets, writers and revolutionaries, took on the might of the British Empire and the Crown forces, to declare the birth of the Irish Republic. For six turbulent days, they fought before they were overcome, Dublin city destroyed and thousands died.

Stormshell Productions

Sorry for my (almost forced) absence from WordPress in the past two months. I've been busy preparing to make my first short film, 1916, Souls of Freedom, a short drama set in Dublin about two men, soldiers of the ill fated ten day long revolution in Dublin, 1916, hiding in an abandoned house, from soldiers…Read more Stormshell Productions