Old Bones, a screenplay

Scene 1
Basement of an old church, somewhere in Dublin. It’s gloomy and dusty. Two men, in hard hats and dust masks, hammer on an old stone wall, sweating, grunting. One of them swings his sledgehammer and the stone shifts, leaving a gap in the wall they can see through.
(splutters, coughs)
That’s it. We’re through
The other man swings his sledgehammer, pushing up even more dust. The hole is wider but the dust is blinding and choking.
Whoohoo, ye boy, ye
Jeez, Seamus, for fuck’s sake, that’s enough, let the fuckin dust settle
John steps back from the cloud of dirt and dust, pulls the dust mask from his mouth and swigs on a bottle of water. He pulls a cloth from his pocket and wipes sweat and grime from his face. He turns away, clears his throat, loudly and spits.
Why’re we always landed with these fucking jobs? This place gives me the creeps


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