Too Late to Use

When lifting my foot was a pain the coach said soak it up, put weight on your other foot fight through the soreness Now lifting my foot is a daily torment to bear among a multitude of indignities as ache becomes a companion not to fight or soak But a daily reminder I’m still alive,…Read more Too Late to Use


  He liked to walk fast and his gait, like himself, was long and gangly. He moved fast and could never bear to dawdle so much so he preferred to make arrangements to rendezvous for fear his awkward impatience might cause fault or disturbance. He was resigned and could never amble.

Long Walk to mark Centenary Omani student, Ammar Albadi walked 2,016 km around Ireland and finished his walk at 19:16 hrs last night, outside Dublin's GPO to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising of 1916. It took him 40 days. This Omani student loved Ireland so much he just walked around the entire island Ammar Albadi will finish…Read more Long Walk to mark Centenary

Sunday Summer Saunter

This is Brody, my grandson, the little girning guy in the previous, No, Don't Wanna picture prompt post. He paid me a visit today, with his mummy, my daughter, Holly and we took a leisurely Sunday summer saunter through the neighbourhood. Of course, that meant lunch in The Fish Shack, down on Parliament St, where…Read more Sunday Summer Saunter

Walking is painful

There's something about the dim light, the smells and the detritus of an alleyway that draws me in. Oh c'mon, who wouldn't take stroll down Diagon Alley, if they had a chance? There's magic in the air and history, the reek of past ages, cutthroats and cutpurses, perfumed doxies, hustlers, pimps and drunken dandies.