The Syrian People Have Been Betrayed By All Sides

By Mehdi Hasan   Where do you stand on the conflict in Syria? This question has become perhaps the ultimate political and sectarian Rorschach test of our time. Are you a leftist or libertarian who opposes U.S. air strikes and waxes lyrical about the paramountcy of Syrian sovereignty and international law? Or are you a…Read more The Syrian People Have Been Betrayed By All Sides

 Police Attacked Standing Rock Activists For Hours. Why Are They Calling It A Riot?

photo: Nighttime at Standing Rock. (Jake Ratner) In a video streamed live on Facebook on the night of November 20, an army of riot police stand guard as fire hoses blast anti–Dakota Access pipeline activists on a bridge near Standing Rock in the subfreezing cold. Misleading narratives obscure the reality of the stand at Standing Rock.…Read more  Police Attacked Standing Rock Activists For Hours. Why Are They Calling It A Riot?

Bury My Heart at Standing Rock

Sep. 29, 2016 08:49AM EST 21 Arrested During Peaceful Prayer Ceremony at Standing Rock - WAR INA BABYLON Dan Zukowski  The Morton County Sheriff's Department, whose officers used mace and unleashed dogs on Dakota Access Pipeline protestors earlier this month, sent in armored vehicles and arrested 21 people Wednesday at two sites. But a video…Read more Bury My Heart at Standing Rock

A nation once again? When where we ever?

The amount of hoohaw and guff spouted about the Easter Rising and the Proclamation in the past week has stuck in my craw. There's been an element of measured keening for the revolutionary dead, tempered by some fawning nods of reconciliation to those who continue to deny the legacy of that event.

Tosca’s Tale continued

In January 2015, the world commemorated the liberation of Auschwitz, 70 years before, by the Russian Red Army. To mark the occasion, there was a week of articles and tv documentaries. I was watching one of these one night, a program that traced the lives of six Auschwitz survivors, after that day of liberation. One…Read more Tosca’s Tale continued

Tosca’s Tale

Seventy years since the survivors' of Auschwitz were liberated, I was watching a tv documentary where six of them recounted their stories of survival and the terrible aftermath they've endured, of nightmares and tragedies. One Polish man, Dr Tadeusz Smreczynski, who became a doctor and practiced general medicine within ten minutes of the camp gates,…Read more Tosca’s Tale