The Man who tried to drain the Med

Herman Sörgel, in 1928, who conceived of Atlantropa. (Photo: Public Domain) It's not just the plot of a Philip K. Dick book—a man spent his life trying to make Atlantropa happen. by Toon Lambrechts September 13, 2016 853 An artist's rendering of what Atlantropa—a plan to partially drain the Mediterranean—might have looked like. (Photo: lttiz/CC BY 3.0) Later…Read more The Man who tried to drain the Med



Remember that Joni Mitchell song about how they paved paradise and put up a parking lot? That song always springs to mind when I read about utopia, which, according to dictionaries, is an imaginary place where everything is perfect. I remember reading about the utopias set up, supposedly, by anarchist idealists when, in point of…Read more YELLOW TAXI

Long Walk to mark Centenary Omani student, Ammar Albadi walked 2,016 km around Ireland and finished his walk at 19:16 hrs last night, outside Dublin's GPO to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising of 1916. It took him 40 days. This Omani student loved Ireland so much he just walked around the entire island Ammar Albadi will finish…Read more Long Walk to mark Centenary

Southern or Soul

Reblogged from michaelwtwitty at The only thing I enjoy more than reading about food, is eating it. I came across this story by Michawl W. Twitty and the photo stopped me, mid-scroll, so I dived in and read it, partly because the dish in the first photo reminded me, vaguely, of a dish with…Read more Southern or Soul

Indelible Echoes Indelible Echoes A harbour breeze, a mountain spring, rain, the scent of heather, a hazel copse, freshly cut turf, crickets in the thatch, laughing spuds, sizzling mackerel and periwinkles, sand in your toes and the salty brine of seaweed, a sunburst of glorious colour in my mind. Indelible echoes of a life tread…Read more Indelible Echoes

Into the West, a weekend

  Now with the springtime the days will grow longer and after St Bride’s day My sail I’ll let go I put my mind to it And I never will linger Till I find myself back in the County Mayo Frank O'Connor, a great Irish prose writer, translated this poem of Gaelic poet, Antoine O'Raifteiri,…Read more Into the West, a weekend