The death of reading is threatening the soul

By Philip Yancey The Internet and social media have trained my brain to read a paragraph or two, and then start looking around. When I read an online article from the Atlantic or the New Yorker, after a few paragraphs I glance over at the slide bar to judge the article’s length. My mind strays,…Read more The death of reading is threatening the soul

The brave & brilliant world of Emily Reynolds

A series of interesting conversations with interesting people Emily Reynolds is a London and Berlin-based journalist and author who writes about mental health, tech, science, and gender. She recently published her first book in the U.K. (coming to the U.S. in May): A Beginner’s Guide to Losing Your Mind. We caught up with her to…Read more The brave & brilliant world of Emily Reynolds

NetGalley Access for Self-Publishers — Kristen Twardowski

Many of us are familiar with NetGalley and its ability to get advanced reading copies of books into the hands of reviewers, but what opportunities does an individual author have for partnering with NetGalley? NetGalley’s primary goal is to act as an online service connecting book publishers, reviewers, bloggers, and librarians. It facilitates the transfer […]…Read more NetGalley Access for Self-Publishers — Kristen Twardowski

How to Get Book Reviews

Essential, no-nonsense, waffle free guide to getting reviews. Priceless

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Waiting for book reviews copy

Let’s face it, waiting for book reviews can seem to take a lifetime. These all important book reviews are a necessity in getting your book viewed and purchased by more readers. Without them, you’re screwed.

Waiting for Book Reviews?

While your waiting for your book reviews to increase in number you can begin a campaign that will help them do just that.

Ask for reviews: There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for reviews. In fact, you can send out a newsletter to your subscribers advertising your new book and ask for reviews.

Query book reviewers: You don’t need to pay for this service, although you can. I recommend you get real reviews, because paid ones stand out from the rest, they’re a bit obvious. Start assembling your list of book reviewers well before your publication date. This is something you want to be prepared for so that when your…

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Essential Reading for Writers

“I don’t want someone else to destroy me work.” I have heard innumerable writers make some variation of that statement. But often having someone else critique a manuscript is the only way for an author to improve it. After all, he or she has been staring at it for months, grown attached to scenes and […]…Read more Essential Reading for Writers

Publish and be Damned, not true?

There is an out-dated judgement in the writing world that self-publishing is a last resort for writers who had no success in finding a traditional publisher. While it may have been true before, this outlook has been turned completely on its head with the arrival of services such as Kindle Direct Publishing and Createspace. These […]…Read more Publish and be Damned, not true?

Writing Again…here we go

I compare writing to stepping on a rollercoaster. There is, certainly, a similarity in the emotional impact. I've read and re-read many books about writing but I don't think there is any right or wrong way to do it and everyone has their own style and approach. Some people are extremely well organized, often to…Read more Writing Again…here we go

Foreword and first Chapter to TITO’S DEAD by Dermott Hayes

My first novel, TITO'S DEAD was published last month. It is set in Dublin and Sarajevo and it's a crime mystery novel. But it's also a story about human relations and how we learn to live with each other.   Foreword No-one was surprised when we heard Tito was dead. For what we knew of…Read more Foreword and first Chapter to TITO’S DEAD by Dermott Hayes

The Rules of Writing…

  KURT VONNEGUT JR put it very simply. Paraphrasing him, he said, 'there are no rules.' Well, he didn't quite say that but I've learned a lot about writing from Kurt Vonnegut. Vonnegut outlined eight basic criteria for telling a story, well. He called it 'Creative Writing 101'. Here they are... Use the time of…Read more The Rules of Writing…