Nostalgia Avenue

A rattle of skeletons  live in my closet. it doesn’t bother me, they were companions from my past, a memoir in a scrapbook, a reminder we cannot forget, to bring to life, to live, to love. I like to take them out and walk with them down Nostalgia Avenue and Memory Lane, recall old friends …Read more Nostalgia Avenue


This poem was inspired by a comment from poet, Robert Okaji ( about my poem, To That Girl Is it good to remember who we were, does memory have an age? To remember times when we were young, returning youth to doting stage. How can a memory be old, Stuck in the age when it…Read more Memory

Love Poem

Love POETRY is not familiar territory for me but we've all gone through the terror and awkward excitement of first love and the pursuit of love. Where have you been since when, first seen? in a pub, drunk and befuddled. on a pitch, wet, be - puddled, who knows ’til now, love's confusing signals, the…Read more Love Poem

Still water #write photo   When you're used to cityscapes as the background to your visual reality, a jaunt in the countryside is always welcome, for a new perspective. It restores your balance, if you like. I'm returning to County Mayo next week and really looking forward to it. The weather can change five times in five minutes…Read more Still water #write photo