Write me a poem of love and hate, of ugly things that glow within the hot coal grate of empathy, breathtaking beauty, nurtured in a furnace of self respect and mutual regard, nothing twisted or circumspect, cast, sincere intent, forged true and pure on an anvil of stone, a rock of ages to withstand the…Read more Bloom



In the early mist of a winter’s dawn beaded dew hangs, undecided, cattle with laden udders puff balloons of warm air, huddle in the cosy comfort of each other, agitated, aching, cud chewing. The farmer, dutifully awake, strides across the field, stout stick in hand, marching, waking cadence, unsuspecting. a blinding flash, silent stillness, pausing,…Read more Unsuspecting


My bedroom’s full of books, they’re creeping up the walls, my living space is tiny, what a landlord calls bijou, But if you live with room to breathe, don’t dream of artists’ garrets, it’s cold, it’s damp, the stairs are steep and narrow, the light strains dim in winter months, in summer, it’s an oven.…Read more Success

Death of a thousand Cuts

Don’t tell me it’s over if you still love me, that’s worse than lime juice in an open wound, death of a thousand cuts, open my heart, spit inside, like falling in a dream into nothing and nowhere, a chasm so empty, cries can’t be heard, stripping fingernails with rusty tweezers, death without dying. But…Read more Death of a thousand Cuts

Waking Nightmare

Never, never, never So you can lie and sugar coat the truth the deaf can’t hear when all is dumb The blind can’t see what’s right in front of them The fools who’ll do your will can’t understand The greater good they serve is filling your false hand With spoils from wars and golfing trips…Read more Waking Nightmare