Immobile, leg encased in plaster, climb the 30 steps, ascend to comfort and sanctuary. No time to think or talk, no time to write with too much time. Two months of tv movies and dinners, old books read again. Until the time came, when the leg awoke, became a thousand tiny living creatures, a paper…Read more DESCEND

The Wish

I found this old draft that I’d never published so here it is now, reblogged.

Postcard from a Pigeon

I wish I wasn’t where I am,

because to be there means I know
what I’ve always denied,
that there’s a thought inside me
that fights to get outside.
I don’t recall writing this
but memory’s such a tragedy,
a wretched thought,
of forlorn and unhappy incidents,
best forgotten.

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Elusive Poem

Today is World Poetry Day Imagine there was a day for writing poetry, for words that cure sorrow, hurt and loneliness, feed hungry people,  house the homeless, when a rhythmic phrase might stop a war and calm the hate that chokes the love and fans the flames of bitter bile, churning in the bowels of …Read more Elusive Poem

a tanka takes root

Tanya’s words in ‘a tanka takes root‘  have deep roots, too and inspired me to add this paltry poem of my own in response .

If I could write it in a phrase,

people fighting for the land

that nurtured them from birth

and those before and after.

Some call it foolish

But the true word is brave

to fight for nature’s freedom

is a true act of courage,

a natural response

to protect a mother.

There are hard times ahead

with wilful destruction

and denial

of earth, peace and truth,

until all that is left

will crumble and fall.

Pride is a currency

that thrives in inflation,

except by natural law

all pride deflates

until it falls

and all it’s built

comes tumbling down.

Where are the heroes,

the writers, the leaders

who coined the phrase

to make us think

that what we do

will be measured

by what we do to others

and by what we wish

they do to us?


roots twist over rock

searching, a slow motion dance

ever persisting

then, soft ground’s surface piercing

wisdom tapped from deep within


…if the root is holy, so are the branches. (Rom 11:16b, NIV)

For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. (1 Tim 6:10a, NIV)


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