DUBLIN, me darling

Dublin can be heaven, with coffee at 11 and a stroll in Stephen's Green, no need to hurry, no need to worry, you're a king and the lady's a queen, Grafton St's a wonderland, there's magic in the air, there are diamonds in the lady's eyes and gold dust in her hair and if you…Read more DUBLIN, me darling

Happy birthday, Philo

Phillip Parris (Philo) Lynott would be 67, if he'd lived. His birthday was celebrated two days ago and I posted a notice on my Facebook page. As a former music journalist, our paths crossed quite often but the first time I came across him was in 1972 when Thin Lizzy, then an unknown Irish rock…Read more Happy birthday, Philo

World Photo Day

My grandson, Fionn, was born five years ago, today and this photo was taken on the morning he was born in a hospital in Wexford. It's pictures like these, not the fancy landscapes or the funny incidents or the fortuitous snap that caught an historic moment, that make World Photo Day worth celebrating. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,…Read more World Photo Day