The Syrian People Have Been Betrayed By All Sides

By Mehdi Hasan   Where do you stand on the conflict in Syria? This question has become perhaps the ultimate political and sectarian Rorschach test of our time. Are you a leftist or libertarian who opposes U.S. air strikes and waxes lyrical about the paramountcy of Syrian sovereignty and international law? Or are you a…Read more The Syrian People Have Been Betrayed By All Sides


  She feels free if not entirely painless. Spending half her adolescence teetering on her mother's heels, working her way from sensible hockey ref to drop dead diva with six inch stilettos, her calves twinged, her toes cramped. The man at the desk doesn't buy it. Damn, that's old me's passport.

Now Imagine They’re Syrian

First, let me beg your indulgence. Let me recall the words of Matthew McConaughey as public defender, Jake Brigance in the 1996 movie, A Time to Kill, when, defending Samuel Jackson, the vengeful father in his murder trial, he said, 'now imagine she's white.' Irish people felt that about British justice in the past and,…Read more Now Imagine They’re Syrian


Steve Bannon has told the media to stop writing about Trump, even stop writing, already. Trump's own press secretary has been caught telling outright lies but only because he was obeying orders. Kellyanne Conway has coined the phrase 'alternative facts.' So it's hardly surprising sales of George Orwell's dystopian classic, 1984, are spiking. The President…Read more BELIEF


SECRET CAMERAS RECORD BALTIMORE'S EVERY MOVE FROM ABOVE Since January, police have been testing an aerial surveillance system adapted from the surge in Iraq. And they neglected to tell the public. By Monte Reel | August 23, 2016 Photographs by Philip Montgomery Video by Drew Beebe From read more

We teach LIFE, sir

PALESTINIAN refugee poet and performance artist, RAFEEF ZIADAH got a five minute, standing ovation for her show in the Abbey Theatre, Dublin on Sunday, as part of the International Literature Festival. Her performances were captured by Irish film director, Terry McMahon. Do yourself a favour, watch this and then this, Shades of Anger…Read more We teach LIFE, sir