Political Journalism: Paradox?

A Farewell Guide to Political Journalism Lessons gleaned from 30 years of covering American politics—from Bill Clinton to Donald Trump A reporter raises his hand during a White House press briefing. Carlos Barria / R Ron Fournier Sep 2, 2016 Subscribe to The Atlantic’s Politics & Policy Daily, a roundup of ideas and events in…Read more Political Journalism: Paradox?

An Obstacle is a Challenge

The crate was opened, carefully, a local constable keeping prying neighbours at a safe distance. In hindsight, I'm surprised the army wasn't called in but those were innocent days.

Hat’s Entertainment

Does anyone know about men's hats, anymore? Back in the day, buying a hat was easy. I started wearing my hat, a grey, snap brim trilby, in 1995. I remember the day and the circumstances. The editor of the Evening Herald called and confirmed my appointment as the paper's diarist, writing a daily column about…Read more Hat’s Entertainment