Trumpet’s Downfall, part 1

part 3 of The Rise & Fall of Donald Trumpet Esq. Jack Connell had everything stacked against him; an Irish born Romany migrant worker, married to Consuela, a Spanish Romany woman. He worked for Trumpet Fisheries and eked a miserable life out of digging razor fish and clams from the shallow salt marshes on the…Read more Trumpet’s Downfall, part 1

Brexit stiff on sterling

  Sterling's never been so hard, apparently, despite its recent limp showing on currency markets. It's inspired Pounded by the Pound: Turned Gay by the Socioeconomic Implications of Britain Leaving the European Union, the first erotic novel about one man's obsession with a £1 sterling coin. by Adam Gabbatt (The Guardian) Brexit has produced its first…Read more Brexit stiff on sterling

Starman: Life on TrappistOne: #3 Obsession

And that urgency, he felt, was fueled, not just by the fear of being found out, but by his compelling to desire to discover the truth. Yes, that was it, an obsession.

TITO’S DEAD but I’m alive

This is the history of a book Three years ago, October 2011, I posted the eighth chapter of Tito's Dead  a novel I began writing in 2004, finished in 2005 and put aside then, for the best part of six years, in Splinter4All, a writers' website to which I contribute. Then, following occasionally haranguing encouragement…Read more TITO’S DEAD but I’m alive

Writing Again…here we go

I compare writing to stepping on a rollercoaster. There is, certainly, a similarity in the emotional impact. I've read and re-read many books about writing but I don't think there is any right or wrong way to do it and everyone has their own style and approach. Some people are extremely well organized, often to…Read more Writing Again…here we go

Foreword and first Chapter to TITO’S DEAD by Dermott Hayes

My first novel, TITO'S DEAD was published last month. It is set in Dublin and Sarajevo and it's a crime mystery novel. But it's also a story about human relations and how we learn to live with each other.   Foreword No-one was surprised when we heard Tito was dead. For what we knew of…Read more Foreword and first Chapter to TITO’S DEAD by Dermott Hayes

Who’s at the Door?

Another short story from my 2012 published collection, Postcard from a Pigeon and Other Stories. This was written in response to a topic challenge in a writers' forum.   Mummy won’t get out of bed. There's ice inside the kitchen window. The curtains are closed. I soaked some crusts of bread and old biscuits in…Read more Who’s at the Door?