It’s your favourite… They both loved to forage. 'It's in our genes', he used to say and, since childhood, they hunted the shoreline for samphire and seaweed, limpets, whelks and periwinkles, things that others ate on a Sunday outing, were daily sustenance for them. Inland, they foraged in the forest; wild sorrel and garlic, pungent herbs with…Read more It’s your favourite…

Starman: Life on TrappistOne: #3 Obsession

And that urgency, he felt, was fueled, not just by the fear of being found out, but by his compelling to desire to discover the truth. Yes, that was it, an obsession.

Daniel on the Verge Anyone who has seen Marie Jones's Women on the verge of HRT will understand the layers of ironic comedy with which, this play is layered. Vera and Anna have made the trip to Donegal to see their singing idol Daniel O'Donnell. Vera has been abandoned by her husband and Anna is content to dream…Read more Daniel on the Verge

Shane MacGowan and The Popes

The pit is a seething mass of fans, swaying, swigging and baying: florid of face and, undoubtedly, 'fluthered', to a man, woman, unwashed street urchin and, for all one can tell amid the throng, at least one stray sheep.