Ten people attended the ceremony, an evening meal in summer sunshine. Some drank wine, others, water. A warm, summer breeze blew through the windows, eight of them in this peculiar room that hung suspended over the river, flowing below. Incense burned but there was no solemnity, just curiosity and an underlying note of joy. The…Read more Wisdom


via Daily Prompt: Farce The orange faced buffoon centre stage, gesticulates, his fingers point, effeminately. In the background, bit players, lackeys and yea-sayers smile, grovel and fawn while, in the foreground, uniformed bullies beat the undergrowth.  'Is this a farce?' asks a bemused onlooker. 'Oh no, it's real,' he's told.


  Some people like to live on the edge, they take chances, risks and it is only then when they feel most alive because when you stand on the precipice, there are no second chances. I've always felt that way when faced with heights but only then life's choices are simplest.


Declamatory, they complained , assuming they referred to how I said it, but the substance, I admit, was unrelentingly derogatory.  but no one could prove it. But then, everyone knew the background. So sue me, he said. The girl was raped. She know her victim. Her bloody knickers were in his pocket.


She felt a tremor of excitement, a frisson of anticipation. It all came down to this. Everything was arranged, there was no turning back. The other participants in this, what she called 'a Gothic drama', may be secured with zip locks and gags but for her, it was a collaboration. Image source: Wallpaper Abyss


When he gets to the window, after standing in line for 40 minutes, he presents his documents with a smile, reading hope and relief. The person on the other side smiles too, then sends him to Hatch 42. Forty minutes later, 42 sends him to 24. It dawns on him, he's in a maze.

PANICKED – Daily Post Prompt

  Harold was in trouble, his comrades' plan for a masterful victory stroke was in tatters. He was impulsive so when they put him in a room with a Big Red Button that said 'DO NOT PRESS' in block capital print and asked him to wait, well, he didn't, he panicked.