"Recreate? That's ridiculous. No, it's outrageous in its messianic arrogance, I mean, the sheer self obsession and megalomanic craziness of it. We could emulate or copy, even attempt to repeat but recreate? I don't think so, my friend." The P.A. sighed,  a great actor but a pain in the ass.  

Fish, please

Found a restaurant today, Bar Kiki, beside the church of San Nicolas and this view. It said 'especialadad de mariscos' right under the name. I was sold. Blazing heat, panoramic view, cold beer and a seafood specialist, got me.  The special of the day, chalked on a blackboard was grilled tuna steak. It was sensational.

Sept. 2016 Winner: OLD BONES by Dermott Hayes

This is my short film screenplay, performed by Wildsound festival actors this month.

First Scene Screenplay Festival

Watch the September 2016 Winning 1st Scene Screenplay.

Written by Dermott Hayes


Genre: Fantasy, Crime, Drama

We lose our soul when we bury the dead without dignity and for the sake of manna. Two brothers are caught in a dilemma of conscience, to lose their jobs or their souls.


NARRATOR – Steve Rizzo
COSTELLO – Steve Mitchell
SEAMUS – Randy Baumer
JOHN – John Fray
VOICE – Dan Cristofori

Get to know the winning writer:

What is your screenplay about?

It’s about devalued morals and the cheap currency of souls. People put so little value on their souls, they will trade them for a job and diminish the world they live in, as a result.

What genres does your screenplay fall under?

Contemporary Film Noir Drama

How would you describe this script in two words?

Dark Satire

What movie have you seen the most times…

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  Words written but hardly spoken, tell the story of a man who brought his faith to those who would not listen and persecuted, made a show of turning coat while believing that much stronger and with more conviction. Now twenty five years waiting, the story will be told about Silence. Silence is the name…Read more SILENCE

Slan leat, Padraig

Padraig Duggan, the musical director of 1916, Souls of Freedom, died this morning. Padraig's contribution to this production went far beyond the incredible music and the song, Éist, that he gave us. He contributed his enthusiasm, his experience and his broad knowledge but, above all, he gave us his spirit, in his music, yes, but…Read more Slan leat, Padraig

Matt Damon Makes James Corden Play His ‘Jason Bourne’ Stunt Double on ‘Late Late Show’ — genoscala

“If you know there’s a crash pad there, then I know there’s a crash pad there, and that means the audience knows that you know that I know that you know there’s a crash pad there, and it’s all just kind of ruined.” read more from Movies via IFTTT via Matt Damon Makes James Corden…Read more Matt Damon Makes James Corden Play His ‘Jason Bourne’ Stunt Double on ‘Late Late Show’ — genoscala

Atlantic: war of the ocean If you were lucky enough to see The Pipe, Risteard O'Domhnaill's debut documentary about the ongoing opposition to Shell's Corrib gas pipeline in north Mayo, on the west coast of Ireland, you'll know he's dogged in his pursuit of his story and relentless, in his story telling.  Risteard, a graduate in theoretical physics and…Read more Atlantic: war of the ocean

1916, Souls of Freedom

2 armies, 2 ideals, 2 ghosts, an allegorical tale of 1916

Postcard from a Pigeon

2016 is the centenary of an event in Irish history that set the template for a nation. On April 24, 1916 a handful of men and women, led by a motley group of poets, writers and revolutionaries, took on the might of the British Empire and the Crown forces, to declare the birth of the Irish Republic. For six turbulent days, they fought before they were overcome, Dublin city destroyed and more than 500 died.

In the aftermath of this disturbance, Ireland was put under martial law and within three weeks, 14 of the Rising’s leaders were tried by court martial and then shot by British firing squads. Then public opinion was charged with outrage. Public opposition to the armed disturbance turned to support for their separatist ideals and condemnation of the British government.

The blood sacrifice of the defeated insurrectionists of 1916 rallied the population to their aspiration for…

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