Municipal officials argued the city needs a symbol, a monument. So they commissioned artists for ideas. The winning entry was a 120 meter tall, stainless steel, pin-like structure.  Oblivious to the irony of a city devastated by a heroin epidemic,  they called it The Spire. Dublin people call it The Spike.


  Having spent two months grafting under this chef's brutal regime , Gordon has no room for compassion and is deaf to the pleas of this popinjay now trussed up on a hook in the freezer. 'I'll freeze to death in here,' he cries. 'No, you won't,' Gordon smiles, 'You will fry.'


  For a moment, Victor feels comfortable, safe. So he's in a rainforest and a deep, dark and impenetrable corner of that vast ecosystem, too, but he's a survivor. His companions may be dead but he's still here, alive on the lip of a pit of snakes and the water's climbing.


  She has the world at her feet, she can command whatever price she wants because her talents, the critics say, is immeasurable. So when she sets up her own corporation with publishing, script writing and audio-visual arms, some people say she is foolish. The smart ones say she is prudent.


  The fight was vicious: no quarter asked for and none given. It was brewing for an age. They skulked and stalked around each other like a couple of slavering hyenas with their eyes on the same rotting carcass. In the end, only one survived, minus an arm, contusions, minimal damage.