A lifetime full of stories…

This creative experiment about a book and a mysterious birthday message has turned out some stunning tales, none more than this one, a poignant tale of loss and longing, from Ms Skyfall and  A Lifetime full of Stories…

Ms Skyfall

Soldier Silhouette 2_4I stole some time off my work to make a small and quick attempt to trace the story behind the message in the book.

The other versions are here:
To Sir with Love
The Book
Sylvia’s Letter

She carefully chose the things which she was going to paste in the book. Scott is far now, and probably looking smart and brave in the army uniform. She was so small then, clinging to him and crying all the time, until he got into the van and said good bye. Then she waved back at him till her arms ached and could no longer see him.

Over the years, she has collected so many things to give him when he comes back. Where ever she went, she never forgot to bring back something special for him. Because he was special. People told her she was stupid to wait for him. That he…

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The treasure

The Cliffhanger Chronicle’s spin on the message in the book

The Cliffhanger Chronicle

Matt had been surfing the TV since the last 2 hours. He was back home early today, thinking he’d take Hailey out for dinner at their favorite restaurant. The last few months had been crazy since they moved into this new apartment. Little did he know that he was in for a surprise! There was a sticky note on the key holder.

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Sylvia’s Letter

This is where it all started and, frankly, explains the unsightly plaster stuck to the collage, I needed something to cover ‘Heather’s’ name because I’ve written it as Sylvia’s letter to her boyfriend saying all the things she wanted to say to him but couldn’t because her mother (Sylvia’s Mother) wouldn’t let him come to the phone.

Postcard from a Pigeon

When I bought a book in a charity shop I found a mysterious birthday collage inside the cover. Fijay from Blog On! and I decided we would both do our own versions of the story behind the message in the book.

I bought a book by Shel Silverstein in a charity shop. He wrote Sylvia’s Mother. It was a book of his drawings and poetry for children. I remembered buying the same book once, in New York, and bringing it home and reading it for my children. There was a birthday message, pasted as a collage, inside the book and a cryptic note to whomever it was intended. I mentioned this to fellow blogger, Fijay who has many theories about what was going on. So, I suggested she post a blog about her interpretation and I would post mine.

Now my first experience of Shel Silverstein was as a songwriter

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Dear Little Brother…

HERE'S ANOTHER SPIN ON THE MYSTERY OF THE MESSAGE IN A BOOK FROM A CHARITY SHOP from Kate McClelland  A poignant and very relevant human twist...   Hello Scott How’s it going? It was so lovely to get your letter the other day. Thanks for taking the time to write from your new life in…Read more Dear Little Brother…

I have a Dilemma…

IN THE CONTINUING MYSTERY OF THE BIRTHDAY CARD IN THE BOOK FROM THE CHARITY SHOP, here's a fresh look from LOST PROPERTY   Below is my take on the idea offered up by Twisted Roads Of Madness and Postcard from a Pigeon. The idea of finding a collage in a second hand book. Note: That…Read more I have a Dilemma…

To Sir With Love — Devil Doll Musings

I took a Twisted Road of Madness to find Sylia’s Letter and this is my take on how Dermott got that book … To Sir With Love “Hi, do you have any books by,” I paused to consult my note. “Shel Silverstein?” “The guy who wrote ‘a Boy Named Sue’ and ‘Sylvia’s Mother’? Sure.” The… via…Read more To Sir With Love — Devil Doll Musings

The Book

Matthew Tonks (Twisted Roads of Madness), short story writer on a mission, puts his spin on the book from the charity shop

My Twisted Road To Madness

One of the first people I met when I started this blog, was a man by the name of Dermott Hayes. His blogPostcard From A Pigeon is a self styled magazine of ideas, discussions, stories and self discovery, basically, you don’t know from each day to the next how he will entertain you, you just know, he will. One of his latest posts called Sylvia’s Letter was a fascinating story that was taken from a card he found in a secondhand book he had purchased at a charity event. His story and that of another blogger Fijay of Blog On! opened up the idea of multiple realities, and the ideas a simple card, lost inside a book could give to someone. This, is my version of events, how the book wound up in Dermott’s hands.

He slams his fist into the door four times, four times, his mind races…

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