Anyone can write Someone commented on a story of mine, recently, that they couldn't write fiction and I thought, why not? Anyone can write but not everyone will write a story that every one wants to read. That takes time and practice. There are no rules in writing but a story, everyone understands, has a beginning, a…Read more Anyone can write

Where I like to work

  I live in a tiny apartment in one of Dublin's oldest neighbourhoods called The Liberties. My place is a classic artist's garret. It's even got skylights for windows and a view of a church tower, right outside my window. I've also got a small garden on my roof so, in summer, I sit outside…Read more Where I like to work


I've always had a thing about churches. They're a haven from the outside world, a sanctuary where the mind can wander and meditate in silence. My relationship with churches, though, is tempered by what they represent. Those vast, cavernous, cathedral buildings represented power and intimidation, too. In such a massive space, how could a sinner…Read more Churches

Finnegans Wake: Book 1.2 — Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

Tackling James Joyce, particularly his most impenetrable work, Finnegan's Wake, is either an act of folly or bravery and probably, a combination of both. This is just the second stab, so to speak, by The Secret Diary of a PorterGirl You will not be surprised to hear that I still have no real clue about…Read more Finnegans Wake: Book 1.2 — Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

List of Likes and Inspirations

Morning shower pills injections coffee eggs music news song, 'Girl', The Beatles, story idea Money (that's what I want), the song, again by The Beatles, another story idea sunshine, more coffee, sit outside, read a book, 'The Splendid Years: Memoirs of an Abbey actress and 1916 Rebel.' Film Noir, after reading FilmPravda's excellent A Fatal(e)…Read more List of Likes and Inspirations