Finnegans Wake: Book 1.2 — Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

Tackling James Joyce, particularly his most impenetrable work, Finnegan's Wake, is either an act of folly or bravery and probably, a combination of both. This is just the second stab, so to speak, by The Secret Diary of a PorterGirl You will not be surprised to hear that I still have no real clue about…Read more Finnegans Wake: Book 1.2 — Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

List of Likes and Inspirations

Morning shower pills injections coffee eggs music news song, 'Girl', The Beatles, story idea Money (that's what I want), the song, again by The Beatles, another story idea sunshine, more coffee, sit outside, read a book, 'The Splendid Years: Memoirs of an Abbey actress and 1916 Rebel.' Film Noir, after reading FilmPravda's excellent A Fatal(e)…Read more List of Likes and Inspirations