Caught with spray can paint and a mask stuffed in his knapsack, James figured the game was up but he wasn't going down without a fight. The magistrate asked what a man with his education - a degree in animal behaviour - was doing spraying graffiti? 'I was marking my territory, Justice'.

Elon Musk: We Need Universal Income Because Robots Will Steal All the Jobs

Spacentrepreneur Elon Musk thinks we’ll eventually need a basic universal income because of “automation.”“People will have time to do other things, more complex things, more interesting things,” he told CNBC. “Certainly more leisure time. And then we gotta figure how we integrate with a world and future with a vast AI.” - Eve Peyser, GIZMODO…Read more Elon Musk: We Need Universal Income Because Robots Will Steal All the Jobs

When you’re busy, write

It's fascinating to read what writers do when they're writing. Some write an outline, get up early and stick to a daily word count quota. Others turn off their cell phones and hide away until they finish. Maya Angelou rented a hotel room, by the month, where she kept a dictionary, a thesaurus and a…Read more When you’re busy, write

The End

Photo credit: the last photos of nuclear tests from China, 1996, You Tube Military History series. I've spent three weeks reading an incredible novel call The Hand of Fatima by the Spanish writer, Ildefonso Falcones, an exhaustive account of the persecution  and final expulsion of the last Moors from Spain in the 16th and 17th…Read more The End

Social Fretwork

Last month, my poem Social Fretwork got chosen as one of the top poems of the September Wildsound Poetry festival in Toronto (https://festivalforpoetry.com/2016/09/24/social-fretwork-poetry-reading-by-dermott-hayes/) but I was less than happy with the resulting recording of the poem. So I recorded my own version. Incidentally, you will notice the link above, to the Poetry Festival, says 'social-fretwork-poetry-reading-by-dermott-hayes'…Read more Social Fretwork

Millions – 2fer!

First, let me ask if anyone else has had the same experience as me tonight? I've posted three posts to this blog and each has appeared with a 'view post' notice but then disappeared? The freaky thing was mine is the same 50 word story, over and over, could become millions. This is the original.…Read more Millions – 2fer!


Writers worry about words they write, how they're spelled and arranged, their shape, form and meaning but most of all - and this is a secret fear shared by all, but rarely spoken - the number they can write, even if it's millions, that will have an impact and meaning that lasts.

Trumpet’s Downfall

Last week, I read a story about Charles Dickens and the names he chose for his characters in his books. That got me thinking what Mr Dickens, himself a campaigner and great philanthropist, would make of the name 'Trump.' So I decided to write a Dickensian style story with a character named Trumpet, a bombastic…Read more Trumpet’s Downfall

Trumpet’s Challenge, Part II

Part 2 of a Dickensian style trilogy, The Rise and Fall of Donald Trumpet Esq. ...........................   Five generations of Thomas Wellspring's family grew up on the shoreline of Failsafe . Wellsprings were fishermen, sailors and, for the last three generations since his grandfather, Benjamin, started his business, fishmongers. Indeed, until recent years, Wellspring's Fishmongers…Read more Trumpet’s Challenge, Part II

Trumpet’s Triumph, Part I, a Dickensian tale

Part 1 of The Rise & Fall of Donald Trumpet Esq. Picture credit: nymag.com After posting a story yesterday,,  reblogged from The Literary Hub, about the origins of some of those names so beloved of Victorian English writer, Charles Dickens, it occurred to me that Donald Trump would've made an ideal Dickensian moniker. So I…Read more Trumpet’s Triumph, Part I, a Dickensian tale