'Tentative? What kind of wishy washy, namby pamby, the cheque's in the post, suck but don't swallow bullshit is that?' 'No, you must engage them, scare them, thrash them. Take no prisoners.' His eyes sweep the room. Coach's methods were considered extreme for an under-12 team, but they got results.



  "Recreate? That's ridiculous. No, it's outrageous in its messianic arrogance, I mean, the sheer self obsession and megalomanic craziness of it. We could emulate or copy, even attempt to repeat but recreate? I don't think so, my friend." The P.A. sighed,  a great actor but a pain in the ass.  


  He couldn't resist a person wearing a hat. He followed them, imagined himself speaking to them, opening doors, ordering food, buying them gifts, sharing jokes and telling secrets. Then he killed them, wore their hat. That's how he got caught, the yellow bowler was too obvious. Obsession? He preferred penchant.


Contrary was a word used to describe him. It hardly seems adequate considering his actions and the strength of his resolve. An old man, his former teacher, remarks with a smile how he was always thus. Now his body lies lifeless, Nazi officer shouting over him, 'Obey, I said,  'not disobey.' Picture credit: source unknown…Read more DISOBEY


Everything was under control. Preparation is everything, he told his subordinates. Seismic readings gave adequate warning so important things were squared away and secured, unsafe buildings, evacuated. He felt quite chuffed with himself and strode down the street with a swagger. That's when the runaway horse hit him. Didn't anticipate that. Picture: Imperial War Museum,…Read more ANTICIPATE