Pic: By Robbi Skye Campbell He assured him he would wait. His boss was going into a meeting with a guy to whom he owed a lot of money, a crooked deal, on both sides, and everyone knew it. That's why he set up the meeting . Hell, he was loyal to whoever paid the…Read more LOYAL


Pic: that's me in the middle, as Miss Jury's Inn, judge for the night of a gay fancy dress party. He couldn't resist but he tried, giving in would mean submitting to their demands, too willingly. OK, it wasn't all bad, some of these girls liked submissive men. Still, their demands seemed extreme, even by…Read more SUCCUMB


  Cloaked in silence, enveloped by a cloying gloom, Death stood in the Great Hall's cavernous doorway, waiting. For what or for whom, he wasn't quite sure? In fact, death's whole day had been one catastrophe after another, the chemical plant's toxic spill, the motorway pile-up and now a mystery corpse.


  Music and Soft Shoe were sneaking backstage at the circus.  Soft Shoe notices Music's  gone. 'Music?' he whispers, 'Music?' 'Hey, Shoe? C'mere.' Music's standing in a cage. Soft Shoe sees Music lose his head to two lions. "Music has charms to TAME the savage breast," I told him, "not claim."  


One of Warren's rules was that if you have a gut feeling about a stock - research and due diligence completed, of course - then go all in and don't scratch around with pennies. So Jackson sunk his money in cannabis stock and became a millionaire. You can't argue with financial genius.


  'Tentative? What kind of wishy washy, namby pamby, the cheque's in the post, suck but don't swallow bullshit is that?' 'No, you must engage them, scare them, thrash them. Take no prisoners.' His eyes sweep the room. Coach's methods were considered extreme for an under-12 team, but they got results.


  He couldn't resist a person wearing a hat. He followed them, imagined himself speaking to them, opening doors, ordering food, buying them gifts, sharing jokes and telling secrets. Then he killed them, wore their hat. That's how he got caught, the yellow bowler was too obvious. Obsession? He preferred penchant.