Two Love Poems

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Love on the Line

Love on the line,

converging connections,

distance, unknown,

uncertain, too

Gathering speed,

smooth terrain,

imperceptible incline,

doubt and decline

Speed bumps

check the rush

living, life,

scenery passing

Attractive siding,

enticing divergence,

less than a landslide

to wonder why

When tracks divide

in new directions

blood on the tracks

cruel uncoupling

Running on time,

blissful convergence,

never off the rails,

end of the line.



Passion’s Purgatory


Let me be

the longing,


in your mind’s eye,

let me take

the ache

from your heart.

In your

blissful blindness,

to not be

the mote in your eye,

but only night,

in tarnished armour,

is passion’s purgatory.

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