In the interest of readers’ sensitivities, this poem is harsh because it’s about the sexual abuse of children by priests. If you don’t like that THEN DON’T READ THIS.


Is the Host ready?
Did you clean the Chalice?
Are all the napkins lined up?
Fair play, boy, you’re a sound man.
Come and see me later,
The Lord rewards the good
and punishes the wicked.
Kneel down there,
I’ll bless you
while you suck my cock,
sure, you’re a grand lad
isn’t your mother blessed,
swallow that
and wipe your mouth,
Heaven has a place
for boys that do
God’s duty
and swallow
cum and pride

19 thoughts on “Holy Orders

    • Thanks, Roger, I agree, it does have to be said and too often, particularly in those whole issue of clerical sexual abuse, people avoid the stark and sordid reality. I used the title Holy Orders deliberately.

  1. This is so true, and unfortunately, it is just one of the multiple sins that have been committed by the papacy. I remember in my younger years reading about how the church could take your children to be raised by them if they decided it was in their interest (or that of the child??? – really???). I honestly don’t know if it is still done, but there have been many similar things done over many centuries. I remember others as well, but vaguely because so much time has gone by. I am pretty sure they are all documented though. So the sexual issues are just one aspect of the abuse. Serious for sure, and not minimizing it, but it does go deeper. My mother once tried to put me in a Catholic school, and I am SO glad I didn’t get accepted for whatever reasons (we weren’t Catholic, so that might have been part of it).

  2. WOW! WOW! WOW! 😲How sad this was happening years ago and nothing was every done. 😪Question is what should be done now❓ Did the church relieve them of their duties right away❓ Or did they just slap their hands saying bad, bad priest?⛪
    🤔Now you have to wonder are the Catholic priests the only ones that have committed such transgressions of religious and moral law?
    What about Lutherans, Jewish, Christian Orthodox, Muslims religions?
    So sad!!!! 😔😔😔😔
    Thanks for reading! 😪

    • Shouldn’t I say thanks for reading, Hope? As I do. This has been happening for centuries on one scale or another and it goes or has gone right to the top. Right now they must stop hiding behind their clerical costumes and their wealth, admit their crimes and pay the cost. It’s as simple as that.

      • 😉Thanks for reading my comment and yes you 😎say thank you to me too! It started back in the beginning of the worlds. 😲I watched “The Alienist” series. Finally someone realize what was happening back in those days. 😣Now they have to get their act together for the modern world. Open their mouths when they see, hear, something like this happening to anyone!😳😤😯
        Have a great day! Hope
        Don’t forget to Smile!!!!

    • Thanks, sushilove51, I hate when people refer obliquely to clerical abuse. Call it what it is, rape and pedophilia. That’s why the poem is titled Holy Orders, the name of the sacrament of priesthood but it’s also a gross dereliction and abuse of that authority and trust.

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