12 thoughts on “Predators Pray

      • What’s to forgive? I want people to read, understand and talk about it. The Pope will be in Ireland this weekend at a cost of €32m to the State yet the church tries at every turn to limit its liability for clerical child abuse in this country.

      • While I have yet to visit Ireland, I am glad to hear that there are those who are ready to demand accountability. Sadly, it is far from the only country who does not take accountability for its actions. You don’t want to get me started on religion and child abuse… not only a therapist, I am also a survivor. Thank you for speaking out!

      • I was aware of your experience, Lea, from comments we exchanged on the same subject a couple of years ago. It’s not the country that needs to take responsibility (in Ireland, the state already has) it’s the church who harboured, defended and protected the abusers

      • Sorry to be repetative. Forgive me but how is the state taking responsibility and hosting this farce at the same time? The monies would be better spent in helping the victims.

      • Indeed. A former Minister for Justice revealed the Vatican once asked the Irish state to take full responsibility and exempt the church. That’s how brazen they are. Even better, the Pope is coming here to attend the World Family Conference

      • No doubt they would “love” to hear the theories that some have on the abuse in the church, not just Catholic, and contraception. They would truly go ballistic.

      • The state has acknowledged its role in child sex abuse because it ran some of the schools where the abuse occurred. But in Ireland, most of the educational institutes were run by the church.

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