Some Trump apologists are putting forward the notion his motives are entirely Machiavellian in his efforts to promote peace like the ‘peace’ achieved by being duped by Kim Jong Un of DPRK, Netanyahu of Israel, Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud of Saudi Arabia and Assad of Syria.

Some, recalling the living, waking terror of nuclear holocaust lurking in the childhood of those who grew up through the Cold War, suggest Trump’s actions are cleverer than we think since the extension of the Cold War clearly benefited the Military-Industrial complex nowadays personified in the shape of the so-called ‘Deep State’ of Democratic bureaucrats in Washington.

But all of this precludes the living evidence of Russia’s commercial and industrial wealth developed since the break up of the Soviet states, an oligarchical sub-frame with vast resources and global impact controlled by an autocratic state mechanism and ruled by a despot.

Russia’s primary interest has always been Russia. Ask Napoleon. Ask Hitler. Ask Ukraine. They’ve just found even more effective weapons than the Russian winter.

Now whether that means aggressive annexation like Crimea, murdering their own former citizens on foreign soil or manipulating elections and sowing discord through cyber counter-espionage, the end clearly justifies the means as enemies fall and others squabble.

The Cuban missile crisis happened in my childhood and, as a six year old living in a rural backwater in the north west corner of an island on the periphery of Europe, I was almost willing to believe President John F Kennedy of the United States was prepared to risk a nuclear holocaust to save the democratic freedoms of Catholic Ireland because he was one of us and the Russians were a bunch of God denying, heathen, pagan Communists.

Almost. It couldn’t be that simple, I figured and within four years of that global crisis, I was conducting my own research into Mao Tse Tung’s Cultural Revolution in China in an effort to find out why more than half the world’s population thought there was some way to run the world that was better than the global military industrial complex that was conducting wars and supporting despots in the name of freedom and democracy.

That quest never ends but it’s certain that however ultimately corrupt and despotic the results, they were based, primarily, on a notion of equality, civil and social rights for all, just, we are told, the authors of the Magna Carta intended and subsequently, the authors of the Declaration of Independence.

Russia, history tells us, is motivated by the protection of Russia and will sacrifice anything to achieve that goal. Napoleon and Hitler both learned the Russian Bear hibernates in winter but lays waste all before it when it awakes. The massive numbers of Russian dead in World War II and the Western states’ apparent indifference to their sacrifice led them to create a Soviet buffer zone of middle European puppet states in the post war period.

It is easy to interpret the Marshall plan as a strategy to promote US free trade Capitalism in Europe and NATO, a military conspiracy poised to pounce on an unwary and weakened Russia, licking its wounds and crippled by global economic sanctions.

Equally, it will be conveniently ignored that while Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s detailed indictment of 12 officers of Russian Military Intelligence (GRU) contains a detailed breakdown of how they conducted and achieved their objectives, it suggests American intelligence agencies were hacking Russia, simultaneously.

States create these images to help promote their own motivations, motivations that are, in turn, dictated and manipulated by other self serving interests.

Anyone who would take the word of American intelligence networks or US media as anything remotely resembling the truth — Vietnam, Iraq, Chile etc — should be chided, with little license and a lot of generosity, as naive, in the least.

The only truth I’ve ever learned was through direct human contact with people from other countries, whether its been America, Chile, Mexico, Russia, Poland, China, Hungary or the former Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. The only way I made those contacts was by seeking them out, corresponding, travelling and talking to them.


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