Half a million spectacles
Packed up in a warehouse
Bales of human hair
Carefully categorised
In length and colours
Brushes for hair, nails and shoes
mouthless gold teeth
The bald truth
Of state oppression
An inventory of repression
Change the place
Change the time
Uganda, Bosnia
Cambodia, Rwanda
Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Afghanistan
Somalia, Libya, Palestine
Iran, Iraq and Lebanon,
El Salvador, Nicaragua
Kurdistan, Syria,

The balance sheet,
The public image
Oil revenue, minerals
Political expediency
The language of convenience
Immigration was once known
As labour migration
War is for power
Power’s for control
what you eat
what you think
what you pray
how you vote
A record was made
that’s never been shown
of the horror of Holocaust
unless you sat
through the trials at Nuremberg
Don’t show it, they said
it’s not the right time
to change public opinion
to feel sorry for Jews
refugees from their homelands
no room at our Inns for them
Give them some time
until they come around
and learn to tyrannise
a hard lesson taught.

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