Beauty found, beauty seen beauty that has always been, eternal, never ceasing. All things pass, life and looks Time stays still, read the books we pass time, waiting moves, dig a grave and bury me has my time gone, years passed or lived through days until my last? So beauty’s time as time is beauty,…Read more BEAUTY


Will Legal Marijuana Ignite A Communist Revolution?

  By Steven M  for   Ron Orr, a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Canada, represents the Lacombe-Panoka district in central Alberta, Canada. Orr is also Alberta’s official culture and tourism critic under United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney. As a devoted conservative, this politician believes that legal marijuana will fire up a…Read more Will Legal Marijuana Ignite A Communist Revolution?


Early morning thoughts awake, ether soaring celestial oblivion, poem shaping rhythmic clouds bass bin booming, picking mercury from the firmament, toil and tumble relentless empyrean. In the dim light of winter’s dusk, elusive words weave and duck, playful sprites he might write, cast meaning in the dark alight but mischief, at arm’s length, an impish…Read more WORDS