US President Donald Trump breaks tradition and orders Thanksgiving turkey be deported. Drumstick the Turkey has had his pardon revoked after being branded a ‘Taco Turkey.’

Forty turkeys, including Drumstick and Wishbone, were seized when Homeland Security and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Officers raided a holding pen and detained the birds destined for a White House Thanksgiving dinner.

The raid came after a lengthy investigation into illegal immigration by the Meleagris Ocellata species of the Yucatan peninsula passing themselves off as Meleagris Gallopavo or native turkeys.

A Homeland Security spokesperson said the turkeys would be detained for questioning but refused to answer questions about their ultimate fate.

Reacting to this shock development, the President cautioned Americans to check their turkeys before they eat them and added the offending bird to the list of alleged and potential crimes on his ‘Mexican list.’

‘Ticking Taco Turkeys off my Thanksgiving listing. They’re bad hombres’, the President tweeted.

Turkey producers are aghast, saying this development could blow the Thanksgiving economy. One turkey farmer said, ‘it’s no secret there’s been cross breeding for years. Those Yucatan turkeys were imported as part of a trade agreement with Mexico during the Obama regime. They are fed native avocados and add a luxurious texture to the meat of the rangy domestic turkey.’

The President tweeted he’d eat a vegan turkey sooner than an Obama bird. White House chefs refused to comment.

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