My bedroom’s full of books,
they’re creeping up the walls,
my living space is tiny,
what a landlord calls bijou,
But if you live with room to breathe,
don’t dream of artists’ garrets,
it’s cold, it’s damp,
the stairs are steep and narrow,
the light strains dim
in winter months,
in summer, it’s an oven. IMG_6144
Hoarding’s not an option,
there’s no room to swing Cat Stevens,
It is historically well situated,
code for cheap and cheerless,
gangsters in the pub don’t bite,
don’t catch their eye,
don’t sing too loud,
or laugh when cops come raiding,
you’ll be alright,
just pay your rent,
don’t get bent,
and out of shape,
when bills contend
with rejection notes
in your mailbox,
the key to success,
prosperity and acclaim
is feed the hungry
with words that fill them
full of hope, not dope
but not so full
to kill desire
for your next how to list
and do this now,
’til all your dreams,
success conspires,
you’re penniless
or else on fire.IMG_5230



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