when I die

Don’t bury me

To rot and mould

In history’s demise

No, wrap me in

A blazing pyre

To spark and fire

With fury, burning

Outrage at the tides


Fools’ churning,

Hate, unwarranted

Rivalries taunted

Fools undaunted

Dick size threats


Truth diminished

Into tweets

or sound bites,

Don’t ask me

To die, respectful

Of fools or flags,

just mournful

That my birthright

The right to freedom,

Is no more than a phantom,

An asset for ransom.

5 thoughts on “About Time to Die

  1. I’m sorry you felt that way about my site, as I’m trying to eek out a living that makes it near impossible to make it as an artist, let alone a writer. Anyways, I did enjoy your poem, but I suppose not everyone will enjoy mine. All the best man.

    • I’ve wracked my brains about this, searched through comments I’ve made, gone all over your Oaken Reed site and I can’t find where I made a comment on your site. I did read your poems and short stories and found them engaging. Mystery.

      • It’s no problem, your message led me to make a few changes. I removed the affiliate links. If I ever want to do this seriously, it will be purely from whether people like my content or not, not from click revenue. That’s what artists should strive for, and it was my mistake to cheapen my work. I was just testing the waters. Thanks for the kind words!

      • I’m usually right on top of these things, particularly anything I comment on. You can make money from blogging by monetising your site and then writing a stream of lists, uplifting self motivation articles or promoting parfumerie products. I don’t think that’s the way you want to go.

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