The Airport Bomber From Last Week You Never Heard About

It’s strange how some things really catch on and go viral and others don’t. These days, nothing quite makes a story blow up — no pun intended — like the president’s fixation with it. That’s why it’s so peculiar that what sure looks like an attempted terrorist attack was narrowly thwarted at an American airport…Read more The Airport Bomber From Last Week You Never Heard About

White Nights

Before Charlottesville Was in the Spotlight, Police Arrested Their Most Prominent Critic in the Middle of the Night Jeff Fogel woke to the sound of someone furiously banging on his door. He quickly threw on a T-shirt and pajama bottoms while the banging continued, and stole a glance at his alarm clock before running downstairs.…Read more White Nights


Two stories, taking a different stance on Eminem's recent freestyle dissection of POTUS Trump's performance in office Response To Eminem’s Trump Freestyle. If you haven’t heard Eminem’s latest lyrical tirade, I encourage you to take a watch the YouTube video below prior to reading further. If you’ve already seen it or heard the lyrical assault,…Read more EMINEM VS TRUMP