“Are you a superhero?” the snotty boy with a thin film of dayglo popsicle on his face, asks.

He was asking the man in the dandyish Edwardian suit of shades of blue plaid with skinny pants and mirror polished, brown leather shoes.

“It all depends,” the dandy answers.

“On what?” the boy asks, one finger exploring the inner depths of his right nostril.

“On whether people value style over substance.”

Examining the treasure gathered from his nasal probe in myopic detail, the boy misses this last retort. He looks at the dandy with the same scrutiny he’s just given his mucilage.

“What’s your name?” he asks.

“Irony Man, “ says the dandy.

11 thoughts on “Modest Super Hero

    • Thank you, Chris, for that kind comment. It was inspired by a friend who remarked one day, apropos of nothing, he wouldn’t mind being a superhero and could find no argument to contradict him.

    • Nice little linguistic parable. I think the best advice I’ve been given is, “If, at first, you DO succeed keep it up. After all, try, try and try again each time in the expectation of a different result is Einstein’s dictum of insanity. Nice writing and unusual topics. Thanks for the effort, Celt

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