One of Warren’s rules was that if you have a gut feeling about a stock – research and due diligence completed, of course – then go all in and don’t scratch around with pennies. So Jackson sunk his money in cannabis stock and became a millionaire. You can’t argue with financial genius.

5 thoughts on “GENIUS

  1. I had a few of those once in the garden, all grown from seed. They are very pretty plants, nice and tall and bushy, but they come in two varieties. It seems that the said Jackson was lucky having the female plants. Some of mine were very weedy and thin with no fruits, but they were apparently the male sort – not that I am an expert.

      • That is what I did according to the advice from No. 2 son. This was many years ago. I had even stopped smoking at the time. I asked what to do next and got a half hour lecture. I was always interested in the plant world.

  2. Let me tell you about my gut feelings – in 1969 after a night shift in ICU staff said hey we are going for coffee to Tim Hortons – a new place that just opened. I said – who would ever go outside their home to pay for something as simple as coffee. The business is doomed to failure. Just one of many gut reactions – so never never listen to me.

    • As I say, Chris, research and due diligence essential. The world is slowly waking up to the power of the hemp plant and its uses in everything from cosmetics to medicine to building materials and food and there are plenty of cannabis millionaires emerging. Canada has legalized cannabis for medical use and next year plans to legalize it for recreational use. Trudeau’s Liberal government have assessed the value of the industry in tax dollars and its enormous.

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